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Last updated 2017/08/02 (August 2, 2017)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Usage
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The Fire Pro Wrestling World Ring Editor is a program that lets you change various ring data values in Fire Pro Wrestling World's save data. As of game version 0.9003, the in-game ring editor still limits you to pre-selected color choices. This program lets you choose any color you want instead.


Opening the Save File

You'll need to open a save file before you can do anything. The program supports the original save file (savedata.dat), as well as pre-extracted save data (typically named just savedata).

The save file is located in the following location:


Copy and paste that location into a Windows Explorer address bar, or into the Open Save Data dialog. Then, choose the save data file you want to open.

Another way to find this folder is given in Carlzilla's 100% Unlock Save thread:

If you know your Windows username you can also access the correct folder by typing the following:

C:\Users\<YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME HERE>\AppData\LocalLow\spikechunsoft\FireProWrestlingWorld\
WARNING: Do not attempt to open or save to savedata.dat while the game is open.

User Interface

Upon opening the program and loading a save file, you'll have access to the whole program interface. The combo box at the top contains a list of the available Edit Rings in the loaded save data.


This is the "date" of the ring, representing when it was last saved by the in-game editor. If you make any changes to ring data, the ring date will be updated when you save changes in the program.

Design Elements

The Design Elements section contains some basic ring design options:

Mat Design
Corner Pad Type

Color Panels

The bottom portion of the interface contains a tab control with multiple pages for each of the edit ring's colors.

Ring Ropes
Corner Pads
Ring Posts

Left click on any of the color panels to bring up the Color Dialog (detailed below). Right clicking on a color panel will bring up a context menu:

This menu contains two useful functions: Copying a color to the program's clipboard, and Pasting a color from the program's clipboard. It should be noted that the color is not put onto the global clipboard. (This may change in the future.)

The Color Dialog

Upon clicking one of the color panels, the Color Dialog will appear. Each of the ring colors are stored as floating point values in the save data, so the range for each color channel is between 0 and 1. The Alpha value is not normally available to edit, but it only appears to work "properly" with the ring ropes. On other items, it functions as more of a "saturation" value.

The top of the Color Dialog contains a preview swatch for the current color, as well as two buttons marked 0-31 and 0-255.

Three buttons are at the bottom of the dialog: the standard OK and Cancel buttons, as well as a Restore button. The Restore button will revert any changes made in the Color Dialog, resetting the active color to the one that was active when the dialog was launched.

Converting from Fire Pro Returns or Normal RGB Ranges

Pressing either the 0-31 or 0-255 buttons in the main Color Dialog will bring up a second dialog. Depending on the button pressed, the possible range for each color channel will be changed.

The 0-31 option is used for converting colors from Fire Pro Wrestling Returns edit wrestlers. (The author of this program is lazy and wanted to reuse the Color Dialog they had written previously for multiple purposes.)

The 0-255 option is used for converting colors from "normal" RGB, which can be useful for porting ring designs from Fire Pro Wrestling Returns.

When finished, press OK to perform the color conversion. The Red, Green, and Blue values in the main Color Dialog will be updated to reflect the conversion result.

If you've changed your mind, you can always hit Cancel.

Saving Changes

Once you've made changes to one or more rings, you'll want to write the data back to the save file. There are two choices here: "Save Changes" and "Save Changes As".

"Save Changes" by itself will overwrite the current file. Meanwhile, "Save Changes As" will prompt you for a new filename. What you enter here matters, namely the file extension (or lack thereof).



This program was tested with save files from Fire Pro Wrestling World v0.9002 and v0.9003. Save data from future versions may or may not work with this tool.

Rings can not be renamed; this would involve having to move data around so everything can fit and be loaded properly. At this time, implementing the required code is too much effort.

Ring dates are not editable. If custom dates really matter to you for some reason, let me know on Fire Pro Arena or the Fire Pro Wrestling World Steam forums.

Though an entry for a ring logo slot exists, it is not exposed in this editor due to the game not currently featuring a user-facing way to import and/or make logos.

It is quite possible that the development team will implement a proper color picker in the in-game Ring Editor. Once that happens, this tool will pretty much only be useful for setting the Alpha values of colors.

The idea of importing and exporting ring data has been tossed around, but the same problem mentioned in the ring rename note applies here. Exporting is easier, but importing involves rewriting all of the chunks in the save file.


v1.0.1.0 (2017/08/02)

Add date display and updating.

v1.0.0.0 (2017/07/28)

Initial release. Targets Fire Pro World versions 0.9002 and 0.9003.


Main Credits


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