An archive of various Fire Pro Wrestling content. Not actively being updated as of January 2018.



January 13th, 2018

I hate to break this news to everyone, but my work on Fire Pro Wrestling will be winding down due to various reasons outside of my control. Therefore, this site is being turned into an archive, and will no longer be regularly updated.


Game information and resources have been moved to a separate page.

E-Feds and Rosters

Utilities and other Fun Stuff

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro Wrestling World Save Tool (WorldSaveTool)

A tool for viewing and manipulating data in a Fire Pro World save.

Fire Pro Wrestling World Ring Editor (FPWRingEdit)

A tool for editing Ring Data in a Fire Pro Wrestling World save. Deprecated as of game version 0.9008; don't use this on saves from v0.9008 or later.

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns

Fire Pro Returns Logo Tool

A tool for viewing, exporting, and importing logos from a Fire Pro Wrestling Returns save.

VPF0 Viewer and Converter

A tool for viewing VPF0 format textures found in FPR.ROM. Also allows exporting textures to PNG.


A work in progress tool for viewing (and eventually editing) Fire Pro Returns save data. Currently on the back burner until the Wrestler Tool is finished, so no links for now.


A subset of FPRSaveTool; FPRWrestlerTool only deals with the Fire Pro Returns edit wrestler data. I set up a very small page for it, which will be replaced when the program finally reaches v1.0.0.0, some unknown time in the future.



A tool to extract files from Fire Pro Wrestling G's FPG.BIN. Coincidentally, it also seems to work with SBL.BIN from Fire Pro Wrestling D. (Six Man Scramble requires a different tool that I need to upload.)

Links/Other Resources