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Please buy Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. Thank you.

If you are so inclined, you can also buy the best wrestling game ever made for the Super Nintendo.

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Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium (1996, Super Famicom)

This game makes all the other wrestling games on Super Nintendo look like garbage. A shame that its save file is compressed, though.

Later used as the base for Fire Pro Wrestling for WonderSwan.

Fire Pro Wrestling S: 6Men Scramble (1996, Saturn)

The last of the exclusively 2D Fire Pro games. Probably has the most fun hidden/unused content of the entire series.

Fire Pro Wrestling G (1999, Playstation)

The first of the "modern" Fire Pro games. Later used as the base for the GBA Fire Pro Wrestling games.

Fire Pro Wrestling D (2001, Dreamcast)

An excellent upgrade from Fire Pro G. Introduced the concept of downloadable new moves and wrestler edits.

Fire Pro Wrestling A/"Fire Pro Wrestling" (2001, Game Boy Advance)

The first Game Boy Advance Fire Pro game. Aside from a few changes to the American wrestlers and promotions, the US and Japanese versions are mostly similar.

Final Fire Pro Wrestling/"Fire Pro Wrestling 2" (2002, Game Boy Advance)

The second Game Boy Advance Fire Pro game. Unlike the first game, the US and Japanese versions differ greatly.

Fire Pro Wrestling Z (2003, PlayStation 2)

Nobody really likes this one, do they?

Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (2005, PlayStation 2)

The best of the best.

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Utilities and other Fun Stuff


A tool used to view logos in a save. Also allows exporting logos to PNG. Does not support logo importing (yet).

VPF0 Viewer and Converter

A tool for viewing VPF0 format textures found in FPR.ROM. Also allows exporting textures to PNG.


A tool to extract files from Fire Pro Wrestling G's FPG.BIN. Coincidentally, it also seems to work with SBL.BIN from Fire Pro Wrestling D.


A work in progress tool for viewing (and eventually editing) Fire Pro Returns save data.


A subset of FPRSaveTool; FPRWrestlerTool only deals with the Fire Pro Returns edit wrestler data. Development currently in progress.

Other Resources